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Reptile Supplies & Care : Dry Goods

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Naturally Unique selections of premium reptile supplies.

Health Care: Organic healing salves for a whole range of common reptile ailments and husbandry. 

*Featuring Supple Shell! 

A vitamin and protein rich, anti-microbial salve that penetrates deep into shells to repair damage and provide essential nutrients where they are needed most. Keep shells supple to prevent chipping and maintain healthy nerve endings with monthly treatments! To repair damage use once weekly.

Reptanicals Supple Shell 4oz tortoise shell treatment supplement


Baskers, feeder dishes, enclosure decor, heating aides, water bowls and more all handcarved from 250 million year old Ammonite and Orthoceras fossils. Give your scale baby the gift of natural history! 

Wooden hides and enclosure decor.

Check out our LIVE isopods and springtails now available online!


A portion of the proceeds from all of our reptile supply sales go to rescue animals in need!