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Live Programs

Naturally Unique Nation Presentation GG&

Catch one of our Naturally Unique Presentations with Biologist Brown featuring live animals where we give facts on fossils, minerals, and introduce you to rescue animals you may have at home - or wish you did!  We cater from large events to small groups. Just interested in learning about fossils and minerals? We do that too. Contact us below to book a presentation at one of your events!

Naturally Unique Nation Presentation Reptanicals Side View CrowdLike Reptiles?

We welcome you to catch our Reptile Edition at one of our many reptile expos where you can say hello to our personal rescue animal ambassadors, along with featured critters available for adoption from rescue groups and reputable breeders right there at the expo. Past examples include: scorpions, Ball pythons, Burmese pythons, Reticulated Pythons, Iguanas, Tortoises, Crested Geckos, Leopard Geckos, Chameleons and more! Not sure which critter fits your family? We educate about housing, feeding and care, along with fascinating and useful facts!

Reptanicals Jason Chameleon Education Program

Interested in Gems and Fossils?

We have many unique examples in our collection used solely for education, from our Amethyst cathedral with four ultraviolet reactive inclusions to a 50+ million year old Mosasaurus Skull! Learn why Celestite is used for fireworks, or how Ammonites grow! Book your Mineral and Fossil Program below.
Fossil Gemstone gg& Naturally Unique Nation Presentation


Help Animal Rescue Groups in Need!

Come out to a show and take a selfie with our two amazing rescue animal ambassadors: Mister the Bun Bun Buoy - our 11lb California rabbit or Terry the 34 year old Desert Tortoise! All the proceeds from Bunny Money and Tortoise Tips go to rescue animals in need!(Such as SCHA&R, J&W Reptile Rescue and more)

Bun Bun Boui Pet Photo Education Biologit Brown Program

Looking to book a presentation?


Live Program Biologist Brown Bakersfield Local News CRVE

Send us an email to inquire about availability and rates. *Pricing will vary depending on program, location, size of group. Non-profit rates are available.

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