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Come see us @ the Chico Reptile Show!

Come see us @ the Chico Reptile Show!

Chico Reptile Show Promo Flyer
Fall is here and winter is coming! What a better way to celebrate the upcoming holiday season than by gifting your critter some of our premium fossil reptile products, like a feeder dish made of 250+ million year old Ammonite and Orthoceras fossils? Or some gemstone decor to add color and flair to brighten their enclosure for the long winter months?
How about gifting yourself a new critter that you've always wanted?
Or come by to grab the basics, like feeder insects, one of our organic reptile healing salves, or replacement heating and lighting elements.
Whatever your reason- we can't wait to see you there!
Taking place in the Commercial building at the
Silver Dollar Fairgrounds
2357 Fair Street - Chico, CA
October 12th, 2019
This is a Saturday ONLY show so don't miss it!


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