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About Us

Gypsy Gems & Jewelry is a woman owned, family run, US based, grass roots company founded in 2012. Our business motto is "Naturally Unique" and we stand by that in every way. We only use quality natural products, from our ancient gemstones, to our completely organic and GMO-free salves. Our company is built off of a love for all that comes from the earth. We offer a variety of handcrafted products from jewelry, original photography, fossils, interior decor, and body botanicals.

We do not maintain a brick and mortar location for the public to visit, but instead bring our products directly to the people in true Gypsy fashion at pop-up venues, fairs, and expos in addition to supplying local stores and farmer's markets. We love meeting our consumers in person! Not only do we get to experience the amazing, beautiful people we are honored to call our customers - we get to find out first hand how the products are working for you, and what we can offer you in the future.

If we didn't hand make a product or hand mine a gemstone found on our website - we know the artist who did. We take pride in being self-employed and so do our little family of artists from around the world. We work hard to bring you high quality, handcrafted products! When we make a product, we expect to get treated with respect for our art and paid an honest wage - and so do our artists, no matter what country they are from. We may not pay for fair-trade certification, but we do pay our artists a fair wage! When purchasing a GG&J product you can trust that it is genuine, natural, free of added dyes or colors, and as always - nothing artificial - ever.