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Naturally Unique selections of premium reptile supplies for stores, zoos and you!
FIRST AID: Reptanicals original targeted formulas are a liquid-bandage created for reptile wounds, fungus, mites, shell rot, and a whole range of common reptile ailments and husbandry. Our solutions act as a protective barrier that holds in moisture, reduces inflammation, and increases heal time.  Prolapse Care is the first and only option available, on the market, that can retract hemipenes with only one application. A must for reptile emergency kits.
 SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE from the very same invertebrates supplied to stores and zoos! Check out our premium selection of all natural captive bred isopods, springtails, fruit flies, and other feeder insects. Everything we sell is raised and gut loaded with high quality organic vegetables from the carrots and mushrooms for our isopods to the potatoes for our fruit flies. We care about what they eat because it translates directly to the health of the animal that consumes them. So don't miss out on our biologist formulated line of food and supplements they require and love. -We also specialize in ready-to-go isopod and springtail kits that turn ordinary enclosures into bio-active paradises. 
UPGRADE to durable and handsome baskers, feeder dishes, enclosure decor, heating aides, water bowls and more all handcarved from 250 million year old Ammonite and Orthoceras fossils. Give your scale baby the gift of natural history! Choose from our variety of beautiful handcarved Suja Wood, Cholla Cactus hides and enclosure decor.
  A portion of the proceeds from all of our reptile supply sales go to rescue animals in need!
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