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Shredded Shrimp

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Reptanicals Shredded Shrimp
Size: 2.3oz

Protein Blast!
For carnivorous and omnivorous reptiles, insects, isopods and more!
Reptanicals' Shredded Shrimp is a natural protein supplement for protein hungry isopods (like Porcellio laevis), reptiles and insects! Great for gut-loading and supplementing other diets such as powdered gecko food, or offering as a treat (cause we love to spoil our pets!). Not to mention - they LOVE the stuff. Don't just take our word for it... let your own critters do the talking errr eating...
Mix with powdered crested gecko diet to create a protein packed super food!

Ingredients: Shredded Shrimp


Shredder wants YOU to give your critters a Protein BLAST!

Shredder the Shrimp Reptanicals mascot for Shredded Shrimp