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Ammonite Keepsake Box - Large Triangle

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    This beautiful large triangle Moroccan keepsake box got its start over 200 million years ago as live marine creatures, swimming in prehistoric oceans. Centuries encased in the earth have mineralized them into brilliant captivating fossils. In addition to the large statement Ammonite on the lid, this piece contains schools of smaller Orthoceras and Ammonites. The years have turned the marine life into glittering crystalline art pieces encased in marble, yielding a delicate looking yet durable box. Perfect size for storing knick-knacks, jewelry, change, keys, mints, or USB sticks. Gift to your boss or co-worker as a handy paperweight that can also store paperclips or small office supplies. No matter what purpose it carries, this box does it in style.


      Fossils: Ammonite and Orthoceras

      Dimensions: 2" Tall x 6 1/4" Wide

      Approx Age: 200 Million years


      See photos for additional details.


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      Gypsy Gems & Jewelry™ Ammonite Facts

      Gypsy Gems & Jewelry™ Orthoceras Facts


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