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Orthoceras & Ammonite Goddess Statue - 2

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      This stunning piece is number two from our Goddess Collection. In addition to the three signature statement fossils, it features a strikingly dark base with large distinct minor fossils. These mesmerizing pieces were custom designed by our founder Heather and brought to fruition by our Moroccan artist Adil. Only twenty of them exist and they are only available for sale through Gypsy Gems & Jewelry! 

      An image of feminine beauty and mystique, these Goddesses were designed to embody and embrace the female form. The Earth Goddess is a timeless symbol that has a place in countless cultures. She has boundless names, followers, and suspected powers. At its core, the Earth Goddess symbol represents “Mother Earth,” fertility,  creation and motherhood. The ancient Greeks referred to her as Gaia, the Romans, Terra, the Irish call her Danu, and she is known in Hinduism as Durga. No matter what she is called, the Earth Goddess is a powerful symbol of creation. She proclaims the power of the womb, and the beauty of birth, both as a female and as the ultimate life bearer - planet earth. The statement Ammonite (spiral) on her belly symbolizes the womb and the Earth, and the two above represent her bosom. Her body is in itself a piece of natural history; a hand-carved and polished slab of ancient sea floor beautifully patterned and lovingly shaped. A perfect gift for anyone!

      Statue pictured is actual piece you will receive.



      Fossils: Ammonite and Orthoceras

      Dimensions: 12 5/8" Tall x 7 1/2" Wide x 3 3/4" Deep 

      Approx Age: 200 Million years


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