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Ammonite & Orthoceras Large Abstract Fossil Statue - A

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      A stunning example of the excellent craftsmanship that can be expected of a GGandJ piece! This large statue features a huge 4 1/2" Ammonite nestled in a crest hand-cut to hold a 5 1/2" Orthoceras. The sweeping curvature of the piece evokes thoughts of the ancient sea in which these creatures swam! The two statement fossils lay on a slab of ancient sea floor that has been polished to a shine to reveal the dozens of smaller fossils that are sprinkled throughout. It is hard to believe that these fascinating pieces of art were once living thriving creatures of the sea! A truly one-of-a-kind piece that would compliment any room! 


      Statue pictured is actual piece you will receive.



      Fossils: Ammonite and Orthoceras

      Dimensions: 11 1/4" Tall x 9" Wide x 2 3/4" Deep 

      Approx Age: 200 Million years


      See photos for additional details.



      You will receive the following cards with purchase...

      Gypsy Gems & Jewelry™ Ammonite Facts

      Gypsy Gems & Jewelry™ Orthoceras Facts


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