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Ammonite Statue "Spiral Wave"

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This fabulous statue is perfect for the marine, fossil, and/or art aficionado! The aquatic theme of the piece begins with the nearly 200 million year old Ammonite centerpiece expertly carved into a striking geometric mosaic. Spectacular stone waves encase and compliment the centerpiece furthering the aquatic theme. Smooth clean curves elegantly contrast dramatic points. The Ammonite itself is a stunning spiral banded with playful ripples of calcite. This truly remarkable piece would easily compliment any room or collection!

The best part, each and every gemstone Gypsy Gems & Jewelry™ pendant is handcrafted from natural stone so they are completely one-of-a-kind and Naturally Unique™.



Gemstone: Ammonite Fossil

Dimensions: 20" Tall x 12.5" Wide

Base: 6"+

Weight: 35lbs

Approx Age: 200 Million years


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Statue has some minor scratching. (Reflected in price). This can be buffed out or sealed if cosmetically undesirable. See photos for additional details.