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Anti-Lick - Pawtanicals

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Small Batch Organic Handmade
Trusted by vets. Used by zoos.
Our gentle, soothing Veterinarian recommended formula contains a blend of moisturizing oils, safe for even the most delicate and sensitive skin. Unlike our other formulas, anti-lick is suitable for puppies and dogs only. (Cat and other small mammal anti-lick coming soon!) This simple salve is designed to stop pesky licking habits, a perfect anti-itch remedy. Great for canines who just can't seem to stop licking their paws or other spots raw. Moisturizing, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory formula soothes areas irritated by constant licking, while tea tree oil deters additional licking. Apply thin layer to affected areas. Repeat as needed
They absorb quickly and don't leave a greasy residue behind.They also come in cute convenient packaging which makes them perfect for gifts!
Plus nothing artificial- ever.
This product may under go natural changes due to temperature fluctuation. It may become firmer in cold temperatures or liquefy if left in a sunny window. This is a natural process and will not damage or degrade your salve in any way. If product becomes too firm it can be placed in warm water until softened to desired consistency. A salve that has become too soft or liquefied may be moved to a cool dark space to solidify. Salves should be stored in a cool dry place.

Available in three sizes ...5ml, 1.8oz and 4oz.


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   Vet Recommended. Humane Testing^. No added colors

(^Our furry family members use the same products yours do! We care about what goes on their skin and ours/yours, which is why we only use natural ingredients free of harsh chemicals, stabilizers and preservatives!)



Ingredients: Virgin Coconut Oil*, Beeswax*,Sweet Almond Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Food Grade Vitamin E* (Natural Preservative). Tea Tree Essential Oil*.

*100% Organic & GMO-free





Healing properties of Virgin Coconut Oil...
promotes new skin growthsoftens skin 
most pets do not like the smell and avoid licking it off
Healing properties of Jojoba Oil...
very moisturizinganti-inflammatory
rich in B-vitaminsanti-microbial
forms a powerful barrier on skin that holds
in moisture and blocks bacteria
Healing properties of Sweet Almond Oil...
softens skinrich in vitamins and minerals
Healing properties of Vitamin E...
promotes blood circulationpromotes skin growth