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Cat Gift Basket : Pet Products

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Small Batch Organic Handmade


Wonderful handcrafted gift basket for your favorite feline friend! 


Each basket contains       1 (one) of our 4oz Flea and Tick powders 
                       your choice of 1 (one) of our organic 1.8oz Healing Salves. 
                1 (one) Fossil Fish Plate*
                                    *200 million year old fossil - hand-carved in Morocco
1 (one) Toy      
                            1 (one) Basket                             


Southern California Herpetology Association & Rescue Logo on
For every basket we sell online, we donate a matching Flea and Tick powder and Healing Salve to an animal rescue near and dear to our hearts, S.C.H.A & R. So you can help a whole host of rescue animals in need, from cats and dogs to baby squirrels and exotics that would not normally have access to quality organic healing products!       



       Salve options available...

Hot Spot Care, Anti-Lick, Sore Snouts, Cracked Pad Care, Nursing Nipples, Snowy Paws, Dry Spot Care, Bug Bite Care, Wound Care.





   Vet Recommended. Humane Testing^. No added colors

(^Our furry family members use the same products yours do! We care about what goes on their skin and ours/yours, which is why we only use natural ingredients free of harsh chemicals, stabilizers and preservatives!)



These small batch baskets are handcrafted to order within 3 days of purchase.

Please allow an additional 3-7 business days for shipping.