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Cricket Feast : Complete Cricket Diet

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Premium Complete Cricket Diet
The Gold Standard: Your crickets will feast like royalty!
Ideal for gut-loading

Reptanicals' Cricket Feast is a protein PACKED blend of vitamins, minerals and nutrients for all cricket species.  Tired of massive cricket die-off? Stress no more! Reptanicals Cricket Feast along with a fresh source of water has proven to reduce cricket losses in home colonies. Guaranteed to encourage healthy growth in juveniles and improve longevity in adults, saving you time and money!
Our premium blend of ingredients have been carefully formulated by biologists to provide the best possible nutrition (that the crickets will enjoy eating too!) That's why we use high quality whole ingredients that you can see. Your reptiles deserve the best, so their food needs to eat the best. 
Instructions: For best results provide a constant supply of Cricket Feast in a dish along with a fresh water source. Replenish Cricket Feast when completely consumed (they'll eat their favorite ingredients first). You can also offer the occasional vegetable scraps for treats and additional moisture. Give them a royal feast before your reptiles dine on them!
Size: 14oz
Ingredients: Corn, Oatmeal, Kale, River Shrimp, Carrots, Sunflower Seeds, Peas.

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