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Cubaris murina Isopods - Reptanicals

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Cubaris murina or "Little Sea" isopods, are a great introduction into the larger Cubaris group (where some specialty morphs can go for $50+ per isopod). These are are great way to begin working with Cubaris isopods to ensure that you have a good handle on husbandry and housing before making any significant bug purchases. Hardy, friendly, and just as adorable as their more famous cousins (like rubber duckies and panda kings), Little Seas have the same signature helmeted/armored look, without the bank vault price tag.

Cubaris murina - Little Sea

Difficulty: Intermediate

Size: .475 inches.

Housing: Plastic storage bin or glass terrarium

Food Preferences: freeze dried shrimp, vegetables, dried leaves, wood, grasses, and decaying matter, Reptanicals Isopod Feast, provide cuttlebone and limestone for calcium

Temp Requirements: approx. 65 Degrees to 85 Degrees. Extreme cold and heat can be lethal

Breeding: Once established they will be moderate to prolific breeders

Substrate: Coconut coir, peat moss, or Reptanicals Bug Bedding: Isopod Substrate, slightly moist with a layer of leaf litter

Humidity: moderately humid, mist one side of enclosure to create moisture gradient. Keep moss on moist side to help maintain humidity, and do not ever allow moss to dry completely. It is important to maintain adequate ventilation with the higher humidity to avoid mold growth.    



Isopods are gaining popularity in the reptile industry for a number of very good reasons. They are nature's janitorial crews! Add them to your home enclosure to reduce mold, feces, decaying matter, and improve substrate health! All while providing a calcium rich, nutritious snack for your critters to enjoy any time they wish.

          Enclosure larger than 10 gallons? If you're looking to breed these isopods outside of a vivarium, we'd recommend keeping them in one of our Reptanicals Cleaner Breeder Boxes for easy care and to ensure the health of your isopods. Our kits come complete from substrate, food, everything you need to culture with success!

Our Isopods are fed a mix of organic vegetables and mushrooms twice weekly in addition to our own supplemental food. They are kept on coconut coir substrate with moist sphagnum moss to help maintain humidity, provided cuttlebone for calcium, and cork hides for enrichment.

Don't forget to pick up our Reptanicals Isopod Feeder Feast, a great nutritional addition to fresh food, such as vegetables like carrots. Some isopods, if starved, can consume or chew on delicate critters. Developed by biologists our premium protein packed blend of vitamins minerals and nutrients make the perfect food isopods desire and provide healthy meals for reptiles that consume them!


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