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Dwarf White Isopods (Trichorhina tomentosa) - Reptanicals

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Dwarf white isopods (Trichorhina tomentosa) are one of the smallest of the cleaner crew isopods. They are perfect for feeding to tiny animals such as dart frogs, spider slings and hatchling mourning geckos. Dwarf whites burrow into the soil and help to keep terrariums healthy by aerating the soil, eating excess food and animal feces, all while providing a little fertilization of their own. They also make a calcium rich tasty snack when included as part of a bio-active set-up. 

Difficulty: Beginner

Size: 1/4in

Housing: Plastic storage bin or glass terrarium

Food Preferences: Decaying wood, cork, vegetables, dried leaves, Reptanicals Isopod Feast

Supplements: Cuttlebone or oyster shell for calcium

Temp Requirements: approx. 60 Degrees to 85 Degrees. Extreme cold and heat can be lethal. 

Breeding: Easy - with proper care sub-adults will begin to breed before reaching full size

Substrate: Coconut coir, peat moss, or Reptanicals Bug Bedding, slightly moist with a layer of leaf litter. This species likes to dig so be sure substrate is 2-3 inches deep

Humidity: slightly humid, mist one side of enclosure to create a moisture gradient. Keep moss in the moist side of enclosure to help maintain humidity.    


Isopods are gaining popularity in the reptile industry for a number of very good reasons. They are natures' janitorial crews! Add them to your home enclosure to create a Bio-Active ecosystem like nature intended. Isopods reduce mold, feces, decaying matter, and improve substrate health! All while providing a calcium rich, nutritious snack for your critters to enjoy any time they wish.

Enclosure larger than 10 gallons? If you're looking to breed these isopods outside of a vivarium, we'd recommend keeping them in one of our Reptanicals Cleaner Breeder Boxes for easy care and to ensure the health of your isopods. Our kits come complete from substrate, food, everything you need to culture with success!


Our Isopods are fed a mix of organic vegetables and mushrooms twice weekly in addition to Reptanicals' Isopod Feast. They are kept on Reptanicals' Bug Bedding, sprinkled with leaf litter. We include moist sphagnum moss to help maintain humidity, provide cuttlebone for calcium and cork hides for enrichment.

Reptanicals Isopod Feast

Don't forget to pick up our Reptanicals Isopod Feast, a great nutritional addition to fresh food, such as vegetables like carrots. Some isopods, if starved, can consume or chew on delicate critters. Developed by biologists, our premium protein packed blend of vitamins, minerals and nutrients make the perfect gut-loading cuisine isopods can't get enough of! 

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If temperatures dip below 45*F or exceed 103*F we may need to halt shipping until safer temperatures resume.

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