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Fossil Orthoceras and Ammonite Oval Plates - Large

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    These beautiful large oval shaped Moroccan fossil plates got their start over 200 million years ago as live marine creatures, swimming in prehistoric oceans. Centuries encased in the earth have mineralized them into brilliant captivating fossils. The years have turned the marine life into glittering crystalline art pieces encased in marble, yielding useful (and historic) pieces of art. Use for car keys, rings, decorative display, as a soap dish, or to cleanse your gemstones! (The ancient Greeks believed that the Fibonacci spiral -ammonite spiral- constantly cycled negative energy into positive energy without ever needed to be cleansed!) 


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      Fossils: Ammonite and Orthoceras

      Approx: Dimensions: 6.5" Long x 4 7/8" Deep x 3/4" Tall

      Approx Age: 200 Million years

       approx. 12oz

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