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Melanogaster (Flightless) Fruit Flies - Reptanicals

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NaturalOrganic*Captive Bred
Shop with confidence from the very same invertebrates supplied to stores and zoos
Fruit flies are an excellent source of food for small reptiles like mourning geckos and tiny hatchlings! They are also super easy to care for!
  Wingless Drosophila melanogaster are a genetic mutation of their flighted cousins that have been bred for the pet industry. They are about the size of pinhead crickets and are perfect for tiny geckos, frogs, scorpions, spiders, and hatchling reptiles like chameleons.
The flies have all the water and food they need to thrive inside the 32oz container in which they are shipped. Care is super easy - do nothing but feed out flies to your reptiles as necessary. Do not add food to fly cultures. To feed out, simply tap the lid to prevent excess flies from being released, and shake desired number of flies into the feeding enclosure.

Each culture will last about 1-2 months and will continue to generate new flies so long as at least 5-10 adults remain in the container. Each culture contains 30-40 adult flies, plus larvae and pupae that will continue to produce new flies. Each 32oz culture can produce 500-1000 flies during the life of the culture.


 Wingless Drosophila melanogaster

Difficulty: Beginner

Size: 1/16 inch

Housing: 32oz deli cup with vented lid

Food Preferences: Reptanicals Fly Feast, or rotting fruit

Temp Requirements: Room Temp 

Breeding: Easy - keep at least 5 adults at all times to ensure breeding

Substrate: Reptanicals Fly Feast mixed with diluted apple cider vinegar

Lighting:  Keep away from direct sunlight



Our fruit flies are fed all natural Reptanicals Fly Feast, a vitamin rich, ready to go mix that you can use at home!

   Fly Feast Ingredients: Potato flour*, Sugar*, Brewer’s Yeast, Calcium, Reptile Vitamins                      and color enhancers (beta-carotene), Cinnamon*                                                                           

    *Organic ingredient     


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