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Ruby Zoisite Wand 5503

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 Lovely hand carved Indian Ruby Zoisite massage wand. This green wand is completely inundated with blue kyanite! This piece evokes thoughts of the ocean. One side features an oops-ocean with blue kyanite islands surrounded by white in a sea of green, while the opposite side looks like green sea foam swirling in a blue kyanite ocean! Put it under an UV light and watch the rubies illuminate bright magenta!


This beautiful wand is designed to make massage easier. It is shaped like a thumb to target pressure points - just like a thumb - but allows the fore-arm to be used as a fulcrum to offer more pressure, with less effort on the part of the person giving the massage. Do your hands/joints hurt when you bare down on your wife's shoulders? Does your hubby ask for more pressure when you are giving all you can give? A massage wand could be an excellent tool for you!


Indian Ruby Zoisite Wand

3 3/4" long x 7/8" thick



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