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Soil Booster

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Reptanicals Soil Booster
All Natural * Sustainably Sourced * NO chemicals or additives
Size: 2oz
Revitalize terrarium substrate!
Revitalize tired terrarium substrates with Reptanicals Soil Booster. Increase natural carbon levels to promote lush, healthy plant growth and improve overall soil health. Great for reptiles, isopods, invertebrates, insects, carnivorous plants, orchids and so much more! Reptanicals Soil Booster retains moisture, helping to improve humidity. It holds nutrients in the soil, where plants need it - preventing runoff and water contamination. Soil Booster filters toxins, controls odors and bacteria, and provides habitat for isopod mancae and springtail young.
For New Set-ups: Add 1 bag(2oz) Reptanicals Soil Booster for every 10 gallons of enclosure ( in substrate at least 1 inch, but no deeper than 3 inches). 
For existing set ups: Scratch 1/4 cup of Reptanicals Soil Booster (per square foot) into the top 1-2 inches of substrate.
Use with: Reptanicals 5-in-1 Calcium Supplement and turn your soil into the optimal breeding substrate!

Ingredients: Hardwood Charcoal