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Live Tropical White Springtails - Reptanicals

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NaturalOrganic*Captive Bred

 8oz culture of Tropical White Springtails on your choice of peat moss or charcoal

 Shop with confidence from the very same invertebrates supplied to stores and zoos!


Springtails make excellent feeders for dart frogs and hatchling reptiles. They are also excellent for creating Bio-Active tanks. Springtails eat mold and detritus. They can be added to virtually any enclosure and are especially helpful in humid tanks and terrariums. Springtails can even be added to the substrate in your roach, cricket, or other feeder insect enclosures. They eat the mold that forms on carrots, potatoes, and commercial feeds (or anywhere else) - to ensure your enclosure stays clean and safe for your reptiles and amphibians, all while providing a nutritious snack for smaller animals! Each culture contains hundreds of springtails including adults, juveniles and eggs and will continue to produce for months if care for properly.

Difficulty: Beginner

Size: 1/8 inch

Housing: 8oz deli cup with vented lid

Food Preferences: Reptanicals Springtail Feast

Temp Requirements: Room Temp 

Breeding: Easy - will readily breed with adequate food and moisture

Substrate: Peat Moss or horticultural charcoal

Lighting:  Keep away from direct sunlight

Humidity:  Moist to wet



 For bio-active tanks add half of one 8oz container of springtails for each 10 gallons of enclosure size. (Ex: 40 gallon terrarium would require two 8oz cultures)
Springtails left in the container can be kept and bred for future terrarium or feeder use. 
Springtails must be kept moist. Cultures in peat moss should be damp but not wet. Springtails will consume peat moss in addition to their weekly feed. Springtails kept in charcoal will NOT consume the charcoal, it is just a living space. These springtails may need to be fed more often. Springtails float on water but cannot utilize the surface of any substrate under water. A small amount of water may be left in the bottom of charcoal cultures to help maintain humidity. Water should NOT be left in the bottom of peat moss cultures.
In general, cultures on charcoal are great for feeding springtails to animals like dart frogs as they can be "floated" on the surface of water and poured into an enclosure. 



Our Springtails are kept on either organic peat moss or horticultural charcoal. They are fed Reptanicals Springtail Feast once a week and watered with distilled water.  


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