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Wound Care - Reptanicals

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Small Batch Organic Handmade
Trusted by vets. Used by zoos.


Suitable for all reptiles. Reptanicals Wound Care is the original bandage for reptiles! A great alternative to petroleum based triple antibiotic products for use on cuts, bites, and open sores. Wound Care can be warmed to cream or liquid state for easier application. 

How does it work? The biologist developed anti-inflammatory compound protects open abrasions from infection, while promoting healing. This gentle and soothing formula contains a blend of oil that is moisturizing, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory. Wound Care protects open abrasions from infection, while promoting new skin growth and luxurious scales. 

Simple Honest Ingredients 

Our scaled family members use the same products yours do! We care about what goes on their skin and ours/yours, which is why we only use natural ingredients free of harsh chemicals, stabilizers and preservatives! Humane Testing. No added colors

Ingredients: Virgin Coconut Oil*, Beeswax*, Jojoba Oil*, Sweet Almond Oil*, Food Grade Vitamin E* (Natural Preservative)

*100% Organic & GMO-free

~Not for use on amphibians or fully aquatic turtles
Actual Customer Photos of Lizard being treated with Reptanicals Wound Care

Product can be warmed to cream or liquid state for easier application. 
Warm Reptanicals

Reptanicals can be warmed either in Sunny window or placed in warm bowl of water to soften or liquefy. This allows the product to be applied with a pipette.

Reptanicals Dropper

How It Works, Why it Works

Healing properties of:
                                        *Virgin Coconut Oil...
promotes new skin growthsoftens skin 
              most pets do not like the smell and avoid licking it off

                                         *Jojoba Oil...
                                   very moisturizinganti-inflammatory
rich in B-vitaminsanti-microbial
forms a powerful barrier on skin that holds
in moisture and blocks bacteria

                                         *Sweet Almond Oil...
softens skinrich in vitamins and minerals

                                          *Vitamin E...
               promotes blood circulationpromotes skin growth

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